"Innover; ce n'est pas forcément avoir de nouvelles idées, mais surtout arrêter d'en avoir de vieilles!" (sic)

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Definition of innovation Lots of definitions of innovation have been proposed but an unquestionably and generally well agreed definition is that of a process performing the equation : innovation = invention + successful exploitation. It has been excellently summarized by Taylor : “ When business minds join forces with technology minds, innovation results ”.

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Écrit par : StW | 15/08/2006

Taylor!?!? I desagree with your definition, certainly most in the domain of art...It's not directly question of successful exploitation, and more less of business mind, before all it's the plaisure of the artist which is at the honor! After w'll see...
Your exemple is not completly in opposition with what Ormiga said, but not applicable when you speak of art!
The dubble sens, is that without a new way of thinking, it's impossible, to find new ideas.
And F. W. Taylor is dead in 1915, it's ever a long time! The Taylorism in production, is finding his limits... It's a old idea, And you are giving the definition of "innovation", whit it! strange... Isn't?
All the best for you too

Écrit par : Mich' | 18/08/2006

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